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The TurbiScan LAb reading head acquires transmission and data every backscattering 40 µm  while moving along the 55 mm cell height. The acquisition along the product is then repeated with a programmable frequency to obtain a superimposition of product profiles characterizing, whether they are identical or not, the stability or instability of the product.

The TurbiScan LAb range comes complete with an integral Bar Code Reader and thermo-regulation allowing measurements to be carried out at controlled temperatures, from +5 °C above the ambient to +60 °C.
Scan Mode
Fingerprint of the dispersion
TurbiScan LAb  Cont...
The TurbiScan LAb reading head acquires and backscattering data at a chosen position on the sample cell.
Measured data can be seen on the TurbiScan Lab visual display and stored on the PC though to the software.

It offers the possibility to carry out a measurement at one point in order to give a rapid signature (sample fingerprint) of the product being analyzed. Immediate quality control, without dilution of the concentrated dispersions, is therefore possible, ensuring that the product meets the required specifications in terms of particle size and/or concentration.
Scan Mode
Control of the dispersion