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Vacuum Dispersion System CDS
   Dispersion under vacuum in containers of 250,500,1000 and 2000 ml
The CDS dispersion system enables the dispersion process to be carried out in single walled containers in a closed system under vacuum. The single walled containers are placed into the container receptacle and secured in place.If the dispersion process needs to be cooled a double walled container receptacle is available.
After the liquid and powder components have been added, the glass cover can be lowered into place onto the container receptacle over the vacuum shaft guide tube.
The actual dispersion process can now be carried out and the product set into a turbulence free rolling motion (doughnut effect,see page 10 -11). If vacuum is required the vacuum pump can be switched on.
The impeller height can easily be raised or lowered during the dispersion process even under vacuum.The dispersion process can clearly be observed through the large glass cover.
Disposeable container

The vacuum dispersion system CDS also allows the usage of thin walled disposable containers.
The disposable containers are fixed in the container receptacle with a pneumatic device.