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New Reolaser non intrusive rheometer
Specialists in equipment and instrumentation for  Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Paint, Printing and Food industry
Newly patented Kemtrak NIR dairy analyser for milk fat measurement
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AST100 viscosity sensor offers viscosity  measurement and control with no moving parts

TORUSMILL a unique dissolver and basket mill  for effective dispersion even with high viscosity materials

Products. What we do. Applications. Torusmill SK basket mill Dispermat RS 5 bead mill DISPERMAT laboratory disperser Brookfield AST100 process viscometer DISPERMAT laboratory and pilot plant disperser Turbiscan NIR stability analyser for measuring size and concentration change Kreis Dissolver Double suction disk Brookfield laboratory viscometers Kemtrak NBP007 dairy analyser for 0.001% - 60% milk fat

Basket mills - turbidity - emulsion stability - dispersers - viscosity control  - bead mills