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The DISPERMAT® R11 is a particularly powerful laboratory and pilot plant stirrer.The compact drive unit not only contains the strong three phase motor and separately driven low noise ventilation,but also has the power electronics built into the motor.The electrical height adjustment is made using the beautifully designed compact H2L stand.
Due to its high torque of 12 Nm the DISPERMAT® R11 is most applicable for stirring and mixing of substances with a high viscosity and a high yield point.The speed is infinitely controlled between 0 and 2.000 rpm. For stirring low to high viscosity liquids there are a lot of classical milling tools available (for example propeller blades,angled turbine blade, disc mixer etc.).
However,the strirring of high viscosity,non flowing substances is not so easy,because there is no ideal mixing system for all ranges of application.For the mixing process of high viscosity media,butterfly stirring tools and the mixing system HM has proved extremely successful.
Sometimes even the most applicable mixing tool is not able to mix the product completely because of static zones between the mixing tool and the inner wall of the container where no circulation of the product takes place. In such cases the mixing tools can be equipped with a scraper.
However,a scraper that is driven independently from the mixing tool is more efficient. Scraper that are driven from above are ideal as they guarantee complete mixing of non-flowing or highly viscous subtances with no dead areas.