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NBP007 NIR Backscatter Photometer

Measures changes in concentration and size / quality in concentrated emulsions, suspensions & foams.

The Kemtrak NBP007 is a new addition to our range of reliable & innovative industrial fibre optic photometers. The NBP007 revolutionizes the measurement of high concentration suspended solids by utilizing a fundamentally new and patented measurement technology.

Traditional turbidity based optical instruments lack resolution and stop working at low NTU values due to the extremely high optical density of the sample. This limitation is overcome with the NBP007 and for

the first time the operator can monitor and have

complete control over their process.


By knowing exactly what is happening at all times,

process changes can be quickly implemented that

result in substantial cost savings.

Main features:

High concentration suspended solids measurement

eg, 0.001% (20NTU) - 60% milk fat

Patented NIR Measurement technique

Real time, in-line measurement

Robust hygienic TriClamp probe designed for

CIP processes

Display in backscatter. %, process units

4-20 mA current output

Alarm signals for data and system failures

Data & system event logger for quality control

PC downloading software (Windows 2000, XP & Vista)


Analogue output (0/4-20 mA)

Supply voltage 115/230 VAC

IP65 protection

Overall dimensions:220 x 120 x 100 mm (LxWxD

Kemtrak backscatter Photometer 11.pdf

Download the NBP007 NIR analyser brochure

Dairy & Creamery applications include:

• Accurate interface detection

• Fat damage determination

• Separator optimisation

• Fruit solids measurement

• Foam or bubble density