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Downloading utility

All Kemtrak analyzers have an inbuilt database and event logger that capture vital process information for use in quality assurance and plant control reports. The inbuilt database also allows Kemtrak analyzers to be used as stand alone instrument.

Main features:


   * Download settings, data log & event log from Kemtrak analyzers to a PC

   * Generate .xml (Excel) or .csv spreadsheet data files

   * Data logger can be configured to save from 1s to 24hr intervals (2hr to 20 year capacity). At each interval the following is logged:

         o Timestamp

         o Measured value - the average, minimum and maximum for the selected logging interval

         o Measurement unit

         o Cleaning, alarms, digital input, zeroing, value held, system OK

         o PID values - enabled, set point, average, minimum & maximum output for the selected logging interval

   * Event logger stores more than 10,000 events, such as alarms, zeroing, cleaning, calibration & system events (power, system warning & error messages) and the exact time they occurred

   * USB data connection

   * Windows 2000, XP & Vista compatible


Data logging