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Wherever water is used to heat or cool a process, a risk of product leakage or carryover exists. Leak detection in process equipment such as heat exchangers and boilers are a vital part of safeguarding a chemical process. Immediate detection of leakage or carryover can be achieved by installing a Kemtrak photometer on the condensate line.  


Benefits include:


   * equipment protection (filters, boilers etc)

   * product, process and environmental protection

   * reduced downtime

   * increased water re-usage - condensate can be used for CIP pre-rinse and boiler feed.


From a continuous monitoring of the process water for signs of contamination, conservation of water, energy and treatment chemicals is the result. The net benefit is a reduction in operating costs.

The monitoring of changes in color or UV absorbencies in the condensate is a reliable means of detecting leaks. Such measurements can detect trace levels of contamination allowing repairs to be scheduled before a catastrophic breakdown occurs.


The Kemtrak DCP007 in-line photometer uses optic fibers to pipe the light from within the DCP007 enclosure to the sampling point and back. This is a major benefit as all the electricity is kept within the analyzer enclosure permitting safe operation in even the most hazardous of environments.


A comprehensive range of both standard and custom designed industrial flow-cell manifolds are available to suit virtually any application.

Leak Detection