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Kemtrak photometers have numerous applications in food processing plants for accurate and instantaneous in-line measurement. Increased control leads to a greater understanding of the process which has numerous benefits; such as a more consistent product and an increased profitability from a more efficient production.


A wide range of applications exit for food processing plants, such as:


   * CIP (clean-in-place) applications

   * disinfections strength monitoring

   * dosing of colorants and flavorings

   * filtration and centrifugation control

   * heat exchanger leak detection

   * wastewater monitoring

   * water intake monitoring


Color measurements are also a vital part of many operations where precise process control and high product quality standards are desired. Such color measurements methods include the ICUMSA index for color grading of sugar solutions, the Chlorophyll scale used for the direct measurement of chlorophyll A & B content of oils and the AOCS color scale used for fats, oils and derivatives.

A Kemtrak DCP007 photometer is perfectly suited for in-line process and quality control. The Kemtrak DCP007 photometer can instantly detect minute changes in color that is beyond the sensitivity of the human eye and will furthermore eliminate operator interpretation errors.



The Kemtrak DCP007 photometer uses an absorbing wavelength to measure minute color or concentration changes in the process medium, while a second reference wavelength that is not absorbed by the process medium compensates for turbidity and/or fouling of the optical windows. The resulting measurements are very accurate with low drift and long-term calibration stability.

ICUMSA  colour of sugar syrup