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Chromatography involves passing a mixture of substances dissolved in a mobile phase through a stationary phase, in order to separate the substances of interest. Chromatography requires accurate monitoring and control and repeatability is essential.


Benefits of in-line control include:


   * optimized regeneration

   * bubble detection

   * protein concentration measurement


Virtually all proteins absorb at around 280nm. Installing a Kemtrak DCP007 UV photometer to the outlet of the chromatography column allows instant decisions to be made regarding the collection of product.

The Kemtrak DCP007 photometer uses an absorbing wavelength to measure minute concentration changes in the process medium, while a second reference wavelength that is not absorbed by the process medium compensates for turbidity and/or fouling of the optical windows.


Manifolds are available in all line sizes from industry standard DIN Flanges and sanitary TriClamps to custom manifolds with less than 1 µL internal volume for fast and accurate concentration measurement of proteins. All Kemtrak manifolds can be certified for explosive environments (ATEX).