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A wide range of applications exist throughout the dairy and creamery process for in-line analysis, control and optimisation using Kemtrak process instrumentation. Typical applications include:


   * BOD monitoring

   * interface detection


         • product-product

   * lactose concentration

   * leak detection in heat exchangers and evaporators

   * milk fat (butterfat) measurement

   * milk solids measurement

   * separator control

   * wastewater monitoring and control


A valuable application for the dairy industry is the measurement and control of the centrifugation process. The use of a Kemtrak photometer will provide an an increased product yield with improved product quality and consistency.

The Kemtrak NBP007 NIR photometer is an advanced dual wavelength photometer that can follow discreet changes in size and concentration on concentrated and opaque products.   It works equally well with emulsions, suspensions, and foams.I


Optic fibers are utilized to pipe the light from within the analyzer enclosure to the sampling point and back. Kemtrak flow-cell manifolds are available in a range of materials and design, including DIN Flanges and sanitary TriClamps. Process probes for use in tanks are also available.


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