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Kemtrak photometers have numerous applications in a spirits distillery for improving product quality/consistency and for precise control and process optimization. Kemtrak flowcells are available for sanitary use and can withstand the temperatures, pressures, explosive environments (ATEX) and chemical concentrations inherent in processing cycles.


Typical applications include:


   * alcohol concentration

   * color removal monitoring

   * flavor/essence dosing

   * interface detection (spirit/water)

   * ion exchange monitoring

   * separator concentration

   * spirit color

   * water quality

   * wort concentration



In-line concentration (UV-VIS-NIR), colour and turbidity analyser for distillery - alcohol, flavour, essense, ion exchange, water & wort control

The Kemtrak DCP007NIR photometer is well suited for the measurement of alcohol concentration. The Kemtrak DCP007NIR photometer measures at two wavelengths. A primary wavelength is used to measure the alcohol while a reference wavelength not influenced by alcohol is used to compensate for the turbidity, air bubbles and/or fouling.